Bulletin Board

Posted: February 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hey everyone here is a place to speak your mind, please visit and let your thoughts be heard.


Bulletin Board

  1. drew says:

    This guy is gonna rob Ohio blind. The VERY FIRST thing he did when getting into office was give his goon’s a big fat raise at our expense. The working man/woman doesnt stand a chance in this state or this country.

    • kasichsucks says:

      You are so right!!!! I only hope that the people of this great state understand and stand up for what is right. I’ve spoke with many people that have said well it’s not fair that state employees make so much money and have such great benefits. I then explain to them, state employees don’t make as much as one thinks they do and their benefits that you speak of are slow diminishing so when you read in the paper how much and how great the state employees have it, what they are speaking of is management. Don’t get me wrong there are state employees that do make very good money, but the are also doing jobs that in the private sector would be paid at least twice what they make. Then there is that argument where I pay the state employees wages. This is true, as a Ohio citizen with a job you do pay taxes that are used in some agency’s to pay the wages of this employees, but you just told me they make more than you do and that’s not fair. Well being a state employee doesn’t mean you don’t pay taxes too, and since they make more they pay more!!!! The truth of the matter is, nothing is stopping anyone from working for the state so stop bitching and go apply. Then you too can see how “much” they make, but don’t forget you will also get to see how much they deal with!!!!!!

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