School Teachers???

Posted: February 18, 2011 in Schools

Why the hell does this guy have a hard on for school teachers so badly????  I have an idea to save the state money; lets turn schools into Juvenile Corrections facilities.  Isn’t that what they pretty much are???  Hell one of my children go to a Columbus Public high school and there are at least 3 armed Columbus Police Officers in the school at all times.  Times have changed since you went to school, and I believe that the majority of the teachers in these schools do the best with what is given to them.  I guess since there are a few bad apples, this should ruin the lives for the rest of the school teachers.  How about we strengthen the laws to give the teachers more rights in their classroom, to deal with these children that are constant disturbances.  Like those dealing drugs in the class rooms, texting, and in general not paying any fucking attention to what they are being taught.  This is the REAL fucking issue!!!  What do you want these teachers to do when parents don’t care and just send these kids to school just to get some peace and quite??  The start of the solution in my opinion is to start at home, then set strict guidelines in place with fair punishment (even if it means jail) for the ones that don’t want to learn and are  just using school as playground.  After these steps are followed, and some action has taken place I bet we see schools with happier kids, happier teachers, and children getting what they deserve (an EDUCATION).  I understand that the schools the Governor sends his children to are safe, clean and all around “Great” schools with wonderful teachers.  Unfortunately, not all of us have the money the Governor has, and please don’t get me wrong, if I had the money I too would send my children to better schools where teachers weren’t Corrections Officers.  Go spend a week in the shoes of a school teacher, and leave your fucking security at home and see how much “teaching” you do, or if you do more work along the lines of a C/O.  I truly feel for these teachers, because he has a real hard on for them, but I do believe in the saying “What goes around, comes around”.

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